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Camp Casey sits less than 20 miles from North Korea. The troops stationed at this forward base are constantly aware that a young 30-something dictator leads one of the largest standing armies in the world on the other side of that border. While remaining vigilant, these young service members still need the occasional respite from the daily grind. In keeping with both the mission and in an effort to give these folks some fun, USO Camp Casey has hosted it’s annual physical challenge, the Warrior Rush, for 3 years now.

The demanding 5-kilometer course is loaded with tests of endurance, strength and skill. From having to traverse 3-foot cylinders and scale 6-foot walls to tire runs and having to hit a target with an axe throw, every few hundred feet an exciting challenge awaits. Water and food supplied by sponsors arranged by the USO await participants at the end of their race. This is the signature event of USO Camp Casey, and it has grown with each iteration. For 2017 it lined up for the 2nd Saturday in May.

If you’d like to sponsor a service member for $20, feel free to send an email jsong@uso.org.

The USO keeps service members connected to family, home and country - even at the DMZ.

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