USO Korea Celebrates the 50th Six Star Service Salute

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Service members, community partners, USO staff, and volunteers celebrate the exceptional honorees at the 50th Annual Six Star Salute. Photo Credit: David Yoo

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Delta Airlines Director of Korea Sales, Andrew Kim, recognizes Petty Officer Christal Williams for her award. Photo Credit: David Yoo

Above and beyond, leader, dedicated, outstanding- These are some of the words shared at the USO Korea’s 50th Six Star Service Salute this year. Now in its 50th year, this gala celebrates the leaders of tomorrow. 37 U.S. service members, 37 R.O.K. service members, 4 United Nations Command (UNC) members, and 4 Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army (KATUSA) service members were honored with an honorary rank of “Six Stars.”

The Six Star Salute honorees from the United States, the Republic of Korea, and the United Nations Command are a true inspiration and represent the collective commitment to the combined military alliance on the Korean Peninsula. The support of our sponsors for the Six Star Salute made a tremendous impact on our honorees. Some remarks by the honorees themselves include the following:

“I just wanted to quickly express gratitude in having me at such a meaningful and fun event and recognize just how much hard work and time must have taken place behind the scenes to have it all happen. I’ve made countless new friends from the U.S. and ROK military across the two days, and it was an honor to meet and be seated with military generals and business leaders–all of whom shared priceless insight into what they do and advice for me as I move through my service. This was an opportunity I’ll take with me forever. Thank you all again, and I hope we cross paths again in the future–whether in a military context or not.”

“This entire program was so amazing. Thank you USO for everything you do. I loved the Gala, food and hotel were amazing, and the opportunity to share this experience with the great people from Korea, US, Thailand, Philippines.”

Military and government officials attended the event alongside USO Korea’s corporate partners like Delta Air Lines, Music IT, KSM, EO Technics, Wooree, and other business leaders. Collectively more than 670 people attended the event to celebrate these exemplary leaders.

Six Star Salute contributors not only allowed USO Korea to honor these 86 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, but will also enable the USO to continue to provide programs for the thousands of service members, and their families stationed across the Korean Peninsula for the rest of the year.

More photos of USO Korea’s 50th Six Star Salute can be found here.

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