Dungeons and Dragon 27 Apr

This event last took place on Apr 27th, 2024
1:00 PM KST (1300I)

Registration Required! In a realm where magic and mystery intertwine, where heroes rise from the humblest of origins to face unimaginable challenges, an epic journey awaits. From the depths of ancient dungeons to the heights of towering citadels, they will journey across realms both wondrous and perilous, forging their own legends with every step they take. But beware, for lurking in the shadows are forces that seek to thwart their every move. Dark sorcery, sinister plots, and ancient evils threaten to consume the world in darkness. Yet hope shines brightest in the darkest of hours, and heroes are born in the crucible of adversity. For in this world, destiny favors the bold. “Are you ready to embark on your adventure?”

Join us every Saturday at 1300 in the USO Humphreys Maude Hall Lounge for our Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns.

Register to reserve your spot! DM’s this week will be Robert, Caleb, and Alex.

Other Upcoming Events

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    USO Humphreys - Maude Hall Unit 15228 , APO AP 96271-5228 South Korea

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